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Signs of pregnancy
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Pregnancy symptoms are individual and various at different women; however, undoubtedly, the most known and true sign of pregnancy - disturbance of a menstrual cycle. It is very important to be able to define signs of pregnancy as each of them can specify not only in pregnancy, but on disease.
At some women the first signs of pregnancy appear within a week after conception. At others such symptoms appear only in some weeks, or do not appear at all at all. We bring to your attention the list of some most widespread signs of pregnancy.

Signs of pregnancy: Vaginal bleeding
Vaginal bleeding - one of the earliest symptoms of pregnancy. Widespread enough phenomenon in the first trimester of pregnancy, and far not always testifies to an abnormal current of pregnancy. Approximately through 6 - 12 days after conception occur planting of an embryos to a uterus wall. At some women this process is accompanied by a bleeding and spasm.
Other reasons: a normal menses, an extraordinary menses, a by-effect of reception of some contraceptive tablets, an infection, the damage received in the course of sexual intercourse.

Menses delay - disturbance of a menstrual cycle:
Delay of a menses - infringement of a menstrual cycle - the most known and widespread sign of pregnancy which forces the woman to pregnancy test. At pregnancy the woman has a monthly delay of a menses. At many pregnant women the bleeding, however, as a rule is observed, the menses quickly comes to an end and passes less intensively, than usually. It is possible to explain a menses delay set of other reasons, except pregnancy. However, if you conduct an active sex life and at you a delay, it is better to be tested on pregnancy.
Other reasons: excessive loss/set of weight, chronic weariness, hormonal disturbances, a strain, stress, the termination of reception of contraceptive tablets, thoracal feeding.

Swelling - rising of sensitivity of a breast:
Swelling or rising of sensitivity of a breast - a sign of pregnancy which appears through 1 - 2 weeks after conception. The woman can notice, how its breasts have changed; they react to everyone, even an insignificant touch, are ill or bulk up.
Other reasons: the hormonal disbalance, reception of contraceptive tablets, a premenstrual syndrome (PMS) also cause a swelling and rising of sensitivity of a breast.
Fast fatigability/apathy: Feeling of weariness or apathy - a sign of pregnancy which can already appear in the first week after conception.
Other reasons: stress, fatigue, depression, cold or a flu, and also other diseases.

This known symptom of pregnancy often arises on 2 - 8 week after conception. Some lucky women do not face a nausea problem all pregnancy, however the overwhelming majority of pregnant women suffers from a toxicosis from the beginning up to the end.
Other reasons: food poisoning, stress, diseases of a gastrointestinal tract also make a sick.
Back pains: Back pains also can specify in an early duration of gestation; however not strong pain periodically arises throughout all period of pregnancy.
Other reasons: a premenstrual syndrome (PMS), stress, problems with a back, physical or mental loads.

Headache and migraines: Sudden rising of level of hormones in an organism can cause headaches on an early duration of gestation.
Other reasons: organism dehydration, abstention from caffeine, a premenstrual syndrome, an excessive strain of vision or other diseases can become a source of periodic or chronic headaches.
Frequent desires to an emiction: Approximately on 6 - 8 week after conception you will feel, that you would like in a toilet is more often, than usually.
Other reasons: an infectious disease of genitourinary system, diabetes, overconsumption of a liquid or abusing diuretics (diuretics).

Skin darkening areola:
In pregnancy also specifies skin darkening around nipple.
Other reasons: a hormonal disbalance, untied with pregnancy, or the residual phenomenon after the previous pregnancy.

Appetite/bent for augmentation to certain products:
It is unessential, that you will have a desire to regale on salty cucumbers or vanilla ice-cream, however many pregnant women nevertheless have a bent for to certain products. This symptom remains throughout all pregnancy.
Other reasons: a bad food, a disadvantage of certain vitamin or nutrient, stress, the depression, a coming nearer menses.


Speaking of Calcium

Growing bodies need calcium, and one of the best (all vegan!) way to get it is through chia seeds. These amazing little seeds will provide 10% of
your calcium needs
in just 2 tablespoons, and they swell up in liquids to make wonderful, creamy chia puddings! Try these recipes with your little
ones and feel good knowing they are getting cruelty-free bioavailable calcium and lots of other minerals.

Coconut and Vanilla chia pudding

-3-6 T chia seeds
- 2 cups fresh
almond milk
- 2 T coconut palm
- 1/2 t vanilla extract
- 2 T
shredded coconut, optional
Shake the almond milk, sugar, vanilla and coconut until combined. Stir in the chia seeds, and let them swell, stirring occasionally, for about 20-30 minutes. Enjoy!

Not-Tella Chia Pudding

Ingredients :(serves 4)
- 1/2 cup to 1 cup chia seeds, depending on how thick you like your puddings
- ½ cup raw cacao powder
- 3 T + ½ cup agave nectar
- 3 cups hazelnut milk
- 1 ½ t pure vanilla extract
- 2 T raw coconut oil
- Celtic sea salt
Blend the hazelnut milk with the cacao powder, agave nectar, vanilla extract and coconut oil, along with a dash of sea salt. Mix in the chia seeds
by hand, and stir the mix occasionally until the seeds have absorbed all they can. Refrigerate or serve immediately.

E3 Live for Raw Vegan Pregnancy and Pregnancy and Everyday, all the time.

E3 Live Brain on is what pregnant mamas must try in their pregnancy. I have heard so many, reviews on how wonderful this is. It is something I started taking when I read about a raw vegan mama, Tiger Mama taking this during pregnancy.  The company making the E3 Live called me and answered some additional questions I had about using it for my kids, one of which has some adhd characteristics. I spoke to a woman four months pregnant and she said she takes E3 Live Brain On and she has also seen a huge difference in fatigue and hormones. I began taking it to see if it really worked and to build up my blood and my body for future pregnancies. Well I must say, it has balanced my hormones and stablized my moods. Postpartum after my miscarriage and surgery, I was having really bad anxiety and I felt like crap from the anemia and surgery. You know when your health is on the line you will spend the dough and invest in a "cure".  All i can tell you is I am not having bouts of depression maybe due to miscarriage maybe from hormones postpartum, who knows. I also have changed my diet and am eating alot of superfoods. The first time I took this I felt like a surge of energy. Do your research but, this seems to be an amazing addition to pregnancy, especially for raw vegan moms. You may become hooked and want to continue through breastfeeding and postpartum.  I love it and recommend it for everyday and for your infants and children. This feels to me in my own experience an awesome supplement for mood disorders. I also tried their skin care line and I am so hooked. My skin looks amazing and vibrant and smells good. The skin care exfoliator has just made my skin look so refreshed and smooth. The moisturizer smells nice and is not heavy or greasy and really moisturizes. It's kinda awesome so, I am using it now as my regimine. By the way I have to add I stopped using the E3 face polish for a couple days because I was being lazy. I was just using Nutragena Acne Stress Control, anyways I got two big unhappy blemishes. I am not happy and will be reordering and sticking to their amazing skin care face polish and cream for my vibrant healthy skin routine. Try the E3 and please, give me your feedback especially, if your pregnant. I think you will be in love. Read the testimonies from health care practioners like Dr. Clement from HHI and Dr. Gabriel Cousens, MD and so many others.

Please read about how I rebuilt my blood after complications with a miscarriage using E3 Total Renew. 

Possible Benefits:
  • Increase focus and clarity
  • Lift and brighten mood with the PEA, the "love molecule"
  • Lower stress and enhance well-being
  • Function at a higher level all of these

    What to order:
    Pregnancy and Postpartum: E3 Live Brain On (for mood stabilizer, energy, clarity, focoused, and feeling awesome)
    Children: E3 Live Brain on (every day supplement)
    ADHD, ADD for adults and Children: Brain On Supreme
    Everyday Adult: E3 Live and Total Reknew
DISCLAIMER: I will only promote stuff that I know is really awesome and beneficial to woman. Often times, there is so many options for supplements we just do not know where to begin.

8 Superfoods for Pregnancy

HEMP SEED:  excellent vegan protein source and non-allergic.
COCONUT : is a super super food. The green coconuts contain the water that have enormous health benefits such as it mimics blood plasma. Blood plasma is the liquid that carries the rbc, hormones, nutrients throughout the body. In war times it was used in IV's . It is sterile and excellent for re-hydration. It aids in digestion and it replaces electrolytes. It contains potassium. It is said to be excellent for nausea so, i wonder if it would work in extreme cases of morning sickness such as HG? It is a great healthy fat and contains mfc's.

BLUE GREEN ALGAE : found in E3 Live. Full of the rich nutrients of chlorophyll, rich green energy made from the sun. Can be used by infants, pregnant, woman and everyone. It's natural and safe. This is excelelnt for increasing energy and creating a balance and state of well being. I used this to help recover from miscarriage emotionally and hemhorrage physically. This was a rich essential supplement to help me rebuild my blood. It can be used everyday.
MORINGA: is an almost complete superfood. It is a tree that can grow in very dry areas with little maintenance like africa, central america so, this makes an awesome and essential crop where food is scarce and hard to grow. You can use every single part of the tree including the seeds which can be used for oil after squeezing and the leftover pulp used for water purification. Again, an essential tree where clean water is scarce. The powder has 19 amino acids so, it is nearly a complete protein. It has more potassium then bananas, more calcium, more iron, it is just flowing with essential minerals and vitamins. You can add this to your favorite smoothie, or add to salads and soups. It taste awesome with coconut milk.

Consciously Connecting with your Pregnancy

Vegan Pregnancy...Need some inspiration

Beet Juice

There are many scientific studies that claim that beetroot juice for low blood pressure is a highly feasible solution, because the nutrients contained in the juice help in lowering an individuals blood pressure by leaps and bounds.
The nitrate that is present in the beetroot juice is converted into nitrite by the bacteria on the tongue, and this nitrite mixes with the saliva in the mouth and travels down to the body. This nitrite is either spread to various parts of the body after that, or it is converted into nitric oxide, thanks to the acids present in the stomach and the digestive system. This nitrite then lowers the blood pressure in a human being within one hour of swallowing the juice. This is one of the primary beetroot juice benefits.

Other Benefits of Beetroot Juice

A beetroot is a very healthy and nutritional vegetable, and has many health benefits for human beings. It is this nutritional value of beets that makes it such a healthy vegetable. Apart from being extremely rich in chlorophyll, a beetroot also has a phytochemical known as Betacyanin. This element gives the beetroot its color and also provides a lot of benefits to the body. A beetroot is also extremely rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C. Along with these, minerals like iron, calcium, copper, magnesium, sodium and phosphorus are present as well. These should give you plenty of reasons to consume beetroot for low blood pressure. Causes of low blood pressure are intricately linked to the deficiency of these minerals from the body.

Beetroot juice for low blood pressure is an effective way of combating the condition, but the large number of nutrients and minerals present in this vegetable make it useful for other purposes as well, providing us with a lot of beets health benefits. Here are some more ailments or illnesses that are combated by a glass of beetroot juice.

Juicing has excellent health benefits. Beet juice can be effective for many pregnancy ailments. Woman can easily develop anemia during pregnancy or postpartum. Also, woman can develop high blood pressure and gall bladder issues. Diet plays a key role and woman can oftten find relief from high blood pressure by not eating out. Lessening salt intake, a healthy diet, and beautiful colorful fresh juices with lots of greens are very effective for good health before, during, and after pregnancy.

Iron and Folate during pregnancy

What causes anemia during pregnancy?

Pregnancy places major demands on the body because the mother must meet the needs of both her body and her growing baby. The mother’s body needs enough iron and folate to make the right amount of red blood cells. Most anemia during pregnancy results from this increased need for iron. It is estimated that women will need approximately 50% more iron during pregnancy, increasing from 18 to 27 milligrams (mg) per day. Even a well-balanced diet can only provide about 12-14 mg of iron per day, well short of the iron a pregnant woman requires.

In order to prevent iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy, it is often necessary for pregnant women to take iron supplements. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that all pregnant women should take a daily supplement of 30mg of elemental iron. The expectant mother should also stay in close contact with her doctor and gynecologist, and be sure to eat a diet that includes foods rich in iron and folate, like liver and dark green leafy vegetables. Read our feature articles to learn more about anemia caused during pregnancy, from vitamin deficiencies or from iron deficiency.

If you have regular pregnancy induced anemia, I have always had great sucess with Floradix with all my pregnancies. You can also take this in addition to a whole foods prenatal vitamin. It will not cause constipation. The taste takes some getting used to but, it is worth it. It is recommended by my wonderful homebirth midwives.

Taken from

Iron Tonic for Anemia

A very affordable way to get your iron daily during pregnancy and postpartum is by buying and making your own
tonic. Floradix is an amazing source of iron but, it can be very costly. This is a great tonic/syrup for ongoing health. You can also make this brew as a gift  for a expecting mama. Brew, strain, and keep in the fridge. This is full of vitamins and minerals. Drink this daily to keep your iron levels up or resolve any anemia. You can purchase organic herbs in bulk from Mountain Rose Herbs an awesome reputable company, see my link below. Thank you for supporting.

2 parts yellow dock root
2 parts nettle leaf
2 parts red raspberry leaf
1 part dandelion leaf
1 part dandelion root

In Addition:
a jar

step 1. measure out 2oz of your herb mixture or essentially two big handfuls per quart of water that you’re using.

step 2. boil, add your herbs, and turn down to a medium-low simmer.

step 3. simmer uncovered until the liquid is reduced by half (2 quarts boiled down to 1 quart for me in about 50 minutes– be careful not to burn it!)

step 4. fill your jar halfway full with 3 parts molasses to 1 part honey (experiment with taste here, there should always be more molasses than honey,it's an excellent source of iron)

step 5. strain the herbal brew (boiled and reduced) mixture, and add to molasses/honey mix

step 6. if you aren’t pregnant and are just taking this for the iron, add a dash of brandy to preserve it if you like.

step 7. stir well and then into the fridge it goes...woohoo.

You can take up to 6 tablespoons a day, and feel free to experiment with it for example, topping it on french toast or adding it to smoothies. See my recipe section for smoothie recipes. Keeping it in the fridge, this should last for a few weeks.

Click on the link below to order herbs in bulk. This can cut shipping costs. Shipping can be costly if you are buying herbs often. This is a wonderful tonic/syrup to drink in all four stages of pregnancy, the fourth being the recovery and/or breastfeeding stage.

Mountain Rose Herbs. A herbs, health and harmony c

Pregnancy #5

I walk around some days in disbelief that I am pregnant with baby #5. This time around it's a bit more unique because I have not experienced a pregnancy in almost six years. Everything feels brand new, like I know nothing and my body is morphing into a whale like shape. My back aches a little, and instinctively I go to suck in my belly and it won't go in.  Then I say to myself, yes you are pregnant, and your stomach is only going out from here, oh. LOL

When I first discussed another baby with my eesh(husband), I decided it was a good idea to visit the OB and get a good work up and a papsmear.... fun. I was also doing alot of yoga and boot camp like exercises. We were volunteering at a farm, so I really had an opportunity for local organic foods. I was also taking supplements like spirulina. I felt very at peace. I was praying and doing relaxtion exercises, walking ,swimming, and kegaling.

What I ended up with in 5.5 weeks of pregnancy was hyperemis. This is a form of severe morning sickness that a small percentage of woman experience. Of course, I got it yet again for the fifth time. I always have it with every pregnancy. I really thought this time would be different.  All of the emotional, and nutritional, and physiological reasons of why a woman would experience this did not hold true for me. I was doing all the right things. This was like genetic or hormonal. Well, anyways I spent until 16 weeks, in bed, vomitting and feeling weak and crappy.  I could not even go into the kitchen without vomiting. I could not wash my hair, brush my teeth, eat, drink water, my stomach hurt all the time. My trips to the bathroom to pee felt like a roundtrip journey around the world.

I stopped homeschooling, which was ok since it was summer, but I still felt guilty. By September, I found an online homeschooling program that kept the kids quite happy and at pace with their grade levels.

Anyways, I was miserable, guilty, and depressed at how gross I felt and how incapable I was at doing the most minute activity. On top of that I experienced bleeding with tissue on and off for the next two months. I ended up at the ER three times and finally they discovered it was inflamation of my cervix, woa! How could I fix that? I feel like crap and I have never heard of this ailment. Apparently, it's called Cervicitis and 50% of population do get it. The thing is maybe nobody talks about it because your crotch smells like you were sitting on a fresh catch of fish, you feel pressure and discomfort, and bleed, and itch. This pregnancy was definitely different. What was going on with my immune system.

People come in contact with bacteria and viruses everyday but, with healthy living and herbs, natural medicine you are not as vulnerable. I was disappointed in my body. This was hard to admit. I have always believed in the power and strength of a woman's body to do what it needs to in pregnancy. My body was going through all kinds of stuff that I just didn't understand. We were not as one. Spiritually I began questioning can my body be strong for this pregnancy and can I birth a healthy baby. I never experienced such doubt in my body with any of my other pregnancies.Needless to say, it was causing depression.

Part of this blog is to share all the things I know about pregnancy, to hopefully help aid you in a natural birth, also to follow my experiences. Also, to overcome what many of us experience, fear in pregnancy and resolve it.

Now, I am about 15 weeks pregnant. I am beginning to like food again but, still vomiting and have maybe 45% of my taste buds returning to normal function. There are still days where I could care less about eating, so I try and drink smoothies with protein and make sure I take my vitamins. This is quite challenging.  I have as usual, lost weight about 15lbs, not as much as in the other pregnancies. I do want to say in one of my ER trips I got IV  fluids due to severe dehydration. My pee was a color yellow so dark, I have never seen it that color before. I was scared to get the IV because I am "el natural" and thought, i can just drink some water. I must say after those IV fluids I felt like a new woman. I was like do I need more?, Can I get more?,what's up? Like a junkie. It turned out to be a good healthy thing for my body and baby.

I have been doing a ton of research on vegan pregnancy and raw food diet. I will start blogging about some of the great superfoods I am discovering and natural products on my way to combating my pregnancy ailments and getting back to a strong healthy immune system. My body needs to cleanse itself of viruses and bacteria and super strengthen. Join me on my journey. muah!

UPDATE: I had a miscarriage at 16 weeks. It was my first miscarriage as far as I know. I am still months later absolutely devastated and in shock. I document my story and the complications under the miscarriage page. Perhaps, another baby is in my future.

Cultivating Herbal Friendships


I love herbs. They are wonderful for healing. One thing I experienced with my third pregnancy was alot of anxiety.I had my sisters at the time to give me a sisterhood of support thankfully. Many of us have different fears and may be far from family. We may succomb to this fear overtaking us. It is unneccessary, although, a reality to fear the unknown. In pregnancy, it is most important to just eat well, get proper vitamins and minerals, exercise, swimming or walking is fine. It is also important to rest. Join a support group for pregnant woman for support and new friends. Often times we are going through things alone or maybe our husband does not offer the support we are seeking. Do what you can to relax, journal, pray, and meditate. Take the time out for you. Treat yourself special.

Let's talk about herbs. This plant pictured is lemon balm. How can it help you during or after pregnancy, or everyday?  For pregnancy and thereafter it is an all around feel good herb. This herb is said to lift the spirits and therefore can treat stress, anxiety, palpatations, digestive disorders, and headaces. It is a nerve tonic so this is excellent during pregnancy and postpartum for calmness. It is said to promote longetivity long term.


2 parts red raspberry leaf 2 parts nettle 1 part oatstraw 1/2 alfalfa 1/2 part rose hips 1/4 part red clover 1/4 part spearmint leaf   place 1/4c of mix in a quart size jar. add boiling water fill jar cover and steep for minimum 30 minutes, a maximum 2 hours.Strain, sweeten, and drink 1-4 cups day.   Drink hot or cold very nourishing with iron, calcium, vitamins, trace minerals
Drink this tea everyday during and postpartum pregnancy. This tea will tone uterus, provide iron, and minerals and many other health benefits.

lemon balm
valerian *optional (sleep inducing)

Drink this tea when you feel anxious, worried, panicky, overtired, or just need a good night sleep. This will help you clear the mind and relax and rest.

Mountain Rose Herbs. A herbs, health and harmony c

Ailments and Natural Remedies

All of the following herbs and herbal remedies are rich in many of the vital vitamins and minerals which are important for the health of both the expectant mother and the developing baby.

Anemia: The herbal remedies made from the stinging nettle and dandelion herbs are rich sources for the mineral iron-this mineral is essential in the treatment of anemia. Anemia is also treated using the iron rich vitamin folic acid - this vitamin is found in abundance in herbs such as the watercress and the chicory. Herbal teas can be made using these herbs, three cups of the herbal tea everyday or a single tbsp. of an herbal juice thrice a day will cure anemia in the patient.

I took Floradix both during pregnancy and postpartum I also took it during my miscarriage recovery along with chlorophyll and my prenatal vitamins. It was
important to keep my iron up during pregnancy, reovery for miscarriage, and while breastfeeding postpartum. During all of these stages it is very uncommon
to become anemic. You can tell because you will start to feel very tired and exhausted. You will feel drained. Keep your iron levels up naturally and you
will feel excellent.

Backache: Kidney problems may bring on a backache; this can be alleviated by consuming some herbal horsetail juice, the herb acts by bringing some normality to the functioning of the bowels and increases the rate of healing in the connective tissue at the same time. This herbal juice can be taken at doses of a tbsp. of the juice thrice every day.

Heartburn: Normal acid levels can be restored by drinking regular supplements of yarrow herbal juice-this is an excellent treatment for stomach problems which cause heartburn in the patient. This herbal remedy can be prepared by mixing a single tbsp. of some yarrow juice in water and drink this on a daily basis.

I took tums. They were easy and contained calcium.

Hemorrhoids: Inflammation which causes hemorrhoids can be treated by using a topical herbal mixture of two qts. of the oak bark or the witch hazel infusion mixed in a sitz-bath-the topical use of this water will cure the inflammation in the tissues and bring relief from hemorrhoids. The persistent itching can be treated by drinking herbal teas made from herbs such as the yellow dock, the plantain or the mullein herb. Prepare this herbal tea by boiling a tsp. of herbs in cup of water, the herb can be allowed to steep for sometime, the mixture can then be strained and the patient must drink three cups of this herbal tea on a daily basis as treatment against hemorrhoids.

Also, you can take your finger and push them back in. You can apply vitamin E gel for quick relief and healing. They are not fun and I always get them postpartum.

Morning sickness, or nausea and vomiting: Vomiting can be prevented by herbal ginger preparations used regularly. The woman must drink a cup of the herbal ginger tea when she wakes up in the morning, alternately a powdered herbal ginger capsule or two to five drops of a ginger based tincture mixed in some liquid can be used to treat morning sickness. Nausea that comes on during pregnancy can be treated by drinking an herbal tea made from the lemon balm herb. Nauseous sensations can be reduced by drinking some chamomile tea; this solution will also calm the stomach. The remedy can be used on an alternating basis with herbal teas made from the fennel or the peppermint herb.

I had hyperemisis, severe morning sickness and could not even keep water down. I was taking B Vitamins and Vitamin K supplements. I also tried the chiropractor 2x. It really comes down to finding what works for you. I also tried the sea bands. I lost all tatste in my mouth. My tatsebuds literally stopped working for months. I did not like food, want it, or crave it. It was difficult to get down. Urinary infection:
 This is very common and you and your husband need to be treated. I drank cranberry juice, sugar free, took garlic pills 1x day, grape fruit seed extract tablets, and goldenseal tincture 30-40 drops. I was rid of my infection in no time.

Varicose veins: The connective tissues in the veins are strengthened by drinking horsetail tea or tincture on a regular basis-this will help deal with varicose veins. Topical treatments may also be used to treat varicose veins, some cotton stockings can be soaked in an infusion made from oak bark and/or horse chestnut, this can then be applied over the parts of the body with varicose veins-the rubbing will firm and tone the dilated veins bring about a reduction in the inflammation present in the veins. The alleviation of symptoms arising from aching, heavy and tired legs or sprained ankles brought about by the stagnation of blood, can be done by drinking a cup of herbal tea or a tbsp. of the fresh juice made using the St. John's wort herb or the yarrow herb-these can be used thrice every day to provide quick relief from sprains and aches.  
Also, keep weight manageable and exercise daily. Try walking and yoga as well as swimming.

Remedies from
Mountain Rose Herbs. A herbs, health and harmony c