Yoachanan (John) 16:21

 A woman when she is in travail hath sorrow, because her hour is come: but as soon as she is delivered of the child, she remembereth no more the anguish, for joy that a man is born into the world.


Positive Birth Affirmations
2 Timothy 1:7
 For God( YHWH) gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.

Five Essential Ingredients for a wonderful birth

I am not really sure why most woman still do not know what a doula is or why they are the key ingredient to a wonderful birth outcome. I always liken birth to a marathon. You wouldn't sign up for a 10K and then just go run. Well, if you are planning a successful birth in a hospital, you really don't just go in and have a baby.
The birth of your child forst or seventh is a life altering, evolving event. It changes you in every aspect of your being. Even if you don;t care about the evolution part of it, you really want to have a plan so, you can have the least pyshcologically and physically damaging birth possible.  I am well aware it sounds horrendous but, let us look at the statistics. The US has one of the highest cesearn section and maternal mortality rates for an industralized nations. Hospitals, and I have worked in one, are designed for complications and emergencies. Once you allow an intervention, if you are low risk, you have pretty much decided to travel a road of more interventions and a higher rate of cesearn section. So, what do you do to have a plan of action.

First of all, have a healthy pregnancy. This involves healthy eating and making sure you are not anemic. Your iron levels need to be normal, very important. Incorporate the superfoods for pregnancy. You also should exercise in the form of walking, yoga,or swimming are the best forms. The lack of exercise will give you a harder labor. Also, if there are any issues or unresolved fears, work them out, they will show up in your labor. How do you do that? In the form of birth art, counseling, journaling,prayer,meditation,yoga, talking, support groups, etc.

Second, you need a childbirth class to give you the tools to run your race. I love Bradley Classes because they involve the husband and are very informative. I also encourage you to physically go to a class to connect with other couples in your same boat. Relationships and connections are priceless. We truly enjoyed our Bradley classes and my husband found them invaluable. It really helped him define his role in the birth of our children and be an effective coach for me.

Third, be comfortable with your OB or midwife. If your not, change. It is never to late to find the perfect birth practioner to catch your baby. I changed 7 weeks before I was due, because we didn't feel comfortable with the practice anymore. Check hocpital statistics for c-section rates and the rates of your practioner. Make sure you are comfortable with who will be on call to attended your birth and the setting in which you will give birth. I birthed at home because I am very particular about my environment and I was low risk. I like candes, low lights, etc. If you are not comfrtable or cannot birth at home, next best environment is birthing center over hospital. They are not common in many areas. You will need a birth plan and be very assertive in creating the environment you and your spouse want for hospital births. Birthing is a huge event. Instinctively, a woman wants to be in a private comfortable space. Check out the movie Pregnant in America for a clear idea of what birth environments are like in Europe. Awesome movie and it will really show you how different birth is viewed. Find it on my favorites page.

Fourth, you need a doula. A doula will help in so many ways. One is designing a birth plan. Being your voice or advocate with hospital staff and family members, as well as give your husband any breaks, and attend to you. Doulas also stand back if you need them to. They are there for you emotionally, physically, and are trained. They are truly like protectors and trained to know what you want and need in your vulnerable state in labor. They are essential in all birth environments. They are key to helping also with postpartum care for you and baby as well as breastfeeding.

Fifth, a postpartum doula. Why? Well, if you birthed in the hospital, you will be worried about going home and functioning. You will need asistance with breastfeeding. It is always hard the first time. Most likely, everyone around you will pressure you to quit including your peditrician. It is very common. You will need rest and care for you  as well as infant care help. It is so wonderful to have guidance as you begin this important new transition into motherhood even if its not the first time. I had pp doulas after my babies. I cannot tell you what a hot mess you will be emotionally as your hormones are all over the place. Also, your transition will need a sister who is trained and understands, because your husband will try and will not know how to address all your needs. He also will go back to work. I cannot tell you how invaluable the help is and the company. Its not normal in many cultures for woman to be alone after birth as it is in american culture.

What if you cannot afford it? Simple, look around  ahead of time for doulas who are students and most often those are free because they need the experience for credits. Also, some do a sliding scale fee and some barter. You can always make it work.

You love your baby growing inside you, Honor your pregnancy and baby by having the best birth ever.

A documentary about Doulas....Thank You DONA

Pain Relief in Labor

Survey says bath, shower better than Demerol for pain relief during labor

A recent survey of 510 first-time mothers has found that taking a bath or shower during labor is better for relieving pain than commonly used drugs such as pethidine (commonly known as Demerol) or anesthetic gas. Epidurals ranked highest for pain relief among the new mothers surveyed, but taking a bath or shower beat out some of the most-used pain relieving drugs used in labor wards such as pethidine.

The survey was recently published online at www.news-medical.net.

— Mandal, Ananya, MD. 2010. www.news-medical.net/news/20101010/Bathing-better-than-pethidine-as-pain-relief-during-labor-Survey.aspx Accessed 1 Nov 2010.

Drugs were never an option for me. I'm not into taking much of anything. I am not even a drinker. My husband and I after deciding no drugs, I mean it wasn't even a discussion really, I was never going to take anything; discovered waterbirth tubs. I rented one from my midwife for my first two births. It was a dream. I could float, squat, turn, it was a big pool. The water was warm and soothing and I just floated away into the world of peacefulness and welcoming my baby.
I am a big water person, maybe that is why it was so miraculous for me. Water has the amazing ability to relax and soothe the anxiety, pain, and just become a blanket of comfort. I tried to go land for my fourth pregnancy. I realized that was not for me. I remember going into transition, although I didn't know it at the time, and shaking my husband to assist me in getting into the bathtub, NOW! The waterbirth pool is very different from taking a shower and letting that ease your pain. Yes, showers are wonderful and the warmth can be amazing on your back but, being encompassed in a blanket of warm water, holding the weight of your birthing body is where it's at.

Learn Meditation to Prepare for Birth

5 Hospital Procedures That Ruin Your Birth

Myth 1: You need a monitor on your belly the whole time you're in labor.
Myth 2: Lying on your back is a good position for pushing.
Myth 3: You can't eat or you'll barf it up and aspirate the vomit.
Myth 4: You need to be told when to push.
Myth 5: A break in contractions/labor stalling is a bad sign.

Posted by Christie Haskellon October 25, 2010 at 8:00 PM Read the full article
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Pregnant  in America...new amazing documentary

This new documentary is a must see for birth advocates and professionals, pregnant woman, dads, anyone who really want to understand  the birth system in this country. Available for purchase through my website on the favorites page. Review coming very soon.