Thanks to a good friend, i am so excited about the recipes and video instruction for vegan foods on this website. I already made the vegatable tempura. I made onion rings with Tamari sauce and my son ate practically all of it, leaving me a few pieces. The next dish we are going to make is apple crisp. These dishes are so simple and quick to make as well as mouth watering. One of the Chef's covers nutrition, specifically minerals, proteins, how to get your daily needs from your dishes. He adds things like nutrititional yeast, spinach, hemp, to really sneak in ways to get all nutrients your body will need on a vegan diet without sacrificing flavor.
These are some dishes I cannot wait to make: pesto w/pine nuts because my son is allergic to walnuts, peanut butter stir fry, more tempura with cauliflower and broccoli, vegan beans and franks, and omg the mocha chocolate cake. There are more but, pregnant lady getting hungry.
Go visit:, let me now what recipes you love.