All My Babies: A Midwife's Own Story - Watch the Documentary Film for Free www.snagfilms.com All My Babies: A Midwife's Own Story - Both educational tool and poetic portrait of a black midwife and childbirth in the Deep South.. Watch free documentaries. Share documentary . Be sure to watch the 15 minute reunion peace featuring the director who filmed this 1952 picture.

I love watching and reading stories of old 'grandmidwives'. Because these wwoman were brown much of their history and service is lost to us. Typically, at that time a white doctor only deleivered white babies. It was necessary to have these grandmidwives to help brown families who were not given equal medical care. Grandmidwives had always been around. They had what they had and they did what they could. Often times, they had this special wisodm and instinct that can and has gotten lost with medicalized training.
What i like about Ms. Mary is she is simple and wise. I find how she dealt with the woman gentle and informative. She was teaching them to be aware and take care of themselves. I find the information useful today. This would be especially useful for young mothers with the increase of teen pregnancy. It is so important for woman to feel empowered and education is power. That is exactly what Ms. Mary did. She was a pioneer for her time.

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